Hub Holistic Home

Hub Holistic Home is a Global Project consisting of diverse professional proponents. Its main goal is to organize spiritual retreats, workshops and holistic therapies to facilitate Personal Development, Education for Well-Being, Health and Quality Life Balance.

Our job consists on offering tools, technics and knowledge in order to improve our self-esteem and confidence. Our professional team (couchers, teachers, instructors…)will guide both individual and colective procceses of transforming conflicts, concreting goals and strenghtening attitudes and values in order to reach objectives of fullness inherented to every human being .

 It is a project based on conciliatory principles . It is a virtual meeting point orientated to people that are committed to their own internal development, people who feel the need of growing by searching for empowerment. Body and Mind in Peace and Harmony surronded by Global Energy.

We do believe that social change is generated by a global movement that arises from each single person around the world by encouraging a deeper grade of sensibility towards universal values based on expressions of respect.


We organize all kind kind of workshops, meetings , travels with a common purpose. We offer all kind of  Yoga Practice(Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Aeroyoga, Yoga for Kids, ….)and Workshops for Kids (Peace Education, Education for Development, Environmental Education, Arts and Crafts)adapted to different levels and participant profiles. All sessions are given by professionals with official acreditations, educational background and  teaching experience.

HUB: Tangible place to exchange experience and sensations. A fundamental theme, a sense, a beat …

HOLISTIC: Live, Feel,Transmit in an Holistic Word. It is our Life Intention. It is our message for Evolution, Freedom ans Spiritual Hapiness for each Human Being inhabiting our planet.

HOME: It is the household we create through practice and periodical meetings towards a common atmosphere.